The Ophthalmology department has the expertise to treat all kind of eye related problems ranging from routine eye examination to other conditions of the eye and surrounding structures. Our team of ophthalmologists is fully equipped with state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic equipments for treating glaucoma, cataracts, corneal and external diseases, aesthetics, paediatric ophthalmic diseases and disorders.



• Refraction Contact Lenses

• Cataract Surgery

• Phacoemulsification

• Stitch less Cataract Sx

• Diabetic Clinic

• Oculoplastic SX

• Squint

• Paediatric Ophthal

• Lasik

• To get rid of glasses


• Refraction

• Glasses

• Contact Lenses

• Cataract Surgery (Phacoemulsification)

• Retinal Surger

• Paediatric Ophthal

• Squint Clinic

• Glaucoma Clinic

• Diabetic Eye Clinic

• Lasers

• Low Visual

• Lasik